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Montreal Canadiens Tickets


Montreal Canadiens Tickets

Montreal Canadiens fans cheering in the stands at Bell Centre.

Attending a Montreal Canadiens game at the iconic Bell Centre is more than just watching hockey; it's an experience steeped in tradition and passion. Amidst rising prices and the clamor for seats, fans often grapple with securing tickets to see one of the most storied franchises in NHL history.

As someone deeply embedded in the sports entertainment industry, I've navigated these very waters—advising countless enthusiasts on acquiring those coveted passes to witness ‘Les Habitants’ live.

Montreal games summon an electric atmosphere that every hockey fan should indulge in at least once. With ticket prices beginning at an accessible $15, there’s no denying that witnessing a match firsthand is within reach for many.

This article peels back layers on purchasing strategies and secret deals that will not only save time but also money. Delve deeper into this guide for invaluable insights into joining the sea of red, white, and blue—excitement awaits!


Key Takeaways

  • Buy authentic Montreal Canadiens tickets through the Official Ticket Marketplace, powered by Ticketmaster, for safe and hassle-free purchases.
  • Explore different ticket options like season tickets from $2,655 or single-game tickets starting at just $25, catering to all types of fans and budgets.
  • Check secondary platforms such as StubHub for a wide selection of seats and a 100% guarantee on your purchase with their FanProtect promise.
  • Look out for pre-sale offers and public onsale dates to grab your seats in time, especially for high-demand games against rival teams where prices and availability can change quickly.
  • Consider more affordable game experiences during mid-week matchups or against lower-profile teams where cheap ticket options can go as low as $10.


Overview of Montreal Canadiens Tickets

A group of fans cheering for the Montreal Canadiens at Bell Centre.

Securing a spot to witness the storied Montreal Canadiens in action unfolds as a straightforward affair; one needs only decide on the experience they seek. From the electrifying atmosphere of home games at Bell Centre to following the team on their away game endeavors, options abound for fans eager to catch a glimpse of live hockey played at its finest.

Ticket prices for these iconic matches reflect a variety of seating choices, catering to both ardent followers who yearn for up-close engagement with every play and those content with absorbing the vibrant crowd energy from higher vantage points.

The official website stands as an invaluable resource for enthusiasts looking to purchase Montreal Canadiens tickets, offering an exhaustive overview that includes everything from seasonal ticket packages—which embody loyalty and dedication—to single game tickets tailored for spontaneous plans or special occasions.

The ease provided by online ticket purchase systems like  VIP Tickets Canada allows fans swift access to securing their desired seat without hassle. For those seeking group outings, group sales promote unity among communities rallying behind their beloved team through discounts and collective seating arrangements—fostering shared moments of victory and companionship alike.


Where to Purchase Montreal Canadiens Tickets

Montreal Canadiens game tickets displayed with a vibrant arena background.

Securing your spot to witness the thrilling action of a Montreal Canadiens game requires knowing where to find those coveted tickets. The quest for admission can lead you on a direct path to the team's official ticket marketplace, where authenticity meets fan enthusiasm, or a detour through popular secondary platforms like us.


Official Ticket Marketplace

Purchasing your Montreal Canadiens tickets through the Official Ticket Marketplace is a surefire way to secure a seat at an upcoming game. This trusted platform, powered by Ticketmaster, provides fans with real-time access to seats for all the high-stakes action of NHL games throughout the season.

Fans looking for hassle-free transactions and authentic tickets should always consider this official source first.

With the ability to select specific seats within the arena directly online, you can ensure that you'll have the perfect view of every goal and save. Whether planning in advance or searching for last-minute game day tickets, availability is constantly updated on Ticketmaster.

Buying from here means you're getting official team tickets without any uncertainty.

The excitement builds as ticket sales open up for each thrilling 2023-24 regular season home game at Bell Centre. All it takes is a few clicks to be part of the roaring crowd cheering on one of hockey’s most storied franchises.

Make sure you act fast; passionate Habs fans are known for their dedication, ensuring that prime Montreal Canadiens seat selections don’t last long!



Price Range for Montreal Canadiens Tickets

Navigating the cost of Montreal Canadiens tickets reveals a spectrum of pricing tiers that accommodate both die-hard season supporters and enthusiastic single-game attendees. Understanding these price variations is key to securing your spot at the electrifying Bell Centre, home to some of the most passionate hockey fans in the NHL.


Season tickets

Season tickets for the Montreal Canadiens offer fans a chance to experience every home game at the Bell Centre. With these passes, you're securing your spot to cheer on one of the most storied NHL teams throughout their entire season.

The thrill of being part of each play, each goal, and every moment that makes hockey our beloved winter sport is what drives many to join the waiting list for a season pass.

Opting for a season ticket means committing to an early purchase but also enjoying potential savings compared to buying single game tickets. Owning a piece of hockey history doesn't come without cost; however, it's an investment in unrivaled excitement and loyalty.

Prices start at around $2,655 for the cheapest seats in section 400 but can vary depending on your preferences for seating options.

An entire season’s worth of games puts you at the heart of the action where die-hard fans gather. It’s not just about watching; it’s about belonging to a community that shares your passion—living and breathing every check into the boards and every nail-biting shootout with those who understand what it means to be a true Canadiens supporter.

Season ticket holders get more than just seats—they get an immersive hockey experience they can’t find anywhere else.


Single game tickets

Transitioning from the commitment of season tickets, single game tickets offer flexibility and a chance to experience Montreal Canadiens hockey on your terms. You can find these individual game tickets starting at an affordable $25, perfect for enjoying a game without breaking the bank.

The price will vary depending upon whom the Canadiens play and where you choose to sit in the arena.

For fans looking to splurge on a premium experience, it's possible to purchase some of the most sought-after seats in the house. Tickets can reach up to $6,624 each for high-profile games or exceptional seating areas that provide unparalleled views and amenities.

Remember, availability changes as demand shifts throughout the season, so catching your preferred match-up might require quick action.

Montreal Canadiens game tickets are available through various outlets and prices fluctuate based on several factors including opponent strength and time of year. Fans interested in purchasing single-game tickets should keep an eye out for fluctuations in pricing to snag deals or secure prime spots before they sell out.

For any assistance with ticket inquiries or specific needs relating to your attendance at a Canadiens game, customer service lines are readily available offering expert help.


Upcoming Montreal Canadiens Games

Get ready to experience the thrill of live NHL action as the Montreal Canadiens gear up for their upcoming matchups. Witness hockey at its finest when they take on formidable opponents in games that promise edge-of-your-seat excitement.


Dallas Stars vs Montreal Canadiens

The rivalry heats up as the Montreal Canadiens prepare to face off against the Dallas Stars. Mark your calendars for January 2, 2024, when these two formidable teams clash on the ice, bringing their A-game and a history of intense competition.

Fans can expect an electrifying matchup with seasoned players from both hockey teams vying for dominance in this professional sports event.

Catch live action-packed gameplay on February 10, 2024; it's not just any game night – it's where high stakes meet relentless effort. Tickets promise access to real-time analyses including box scores and play-by-play updates, ensuring you won't miss a beat of this much-anticipated encounter in the NHL schedule.

Whether cheering at home or roaring from the stands, witness every pass, shot, and save that defines the legacy of these hockey rivals.


Montreal Canadiens vs. Washington Capitals

Shifting gears from the battle against Dallas, the Montreal Canadiens gear up for a thrilling face-off with the Washington Capitals. Hockey fans are in for a treat as these two Eastern Conference teams clash at the iconic Bell Centre.

Known for its electric atmosphere during Hockey Night in Canada, spectators can expect an intense game filled with high stakes and passionate play.

Historically, this matchup has produced memorable moments, such as the 2010 postseason upset where underdog Montreal triumphed over topseeded Washington. Fans eagerly anticipate another unpredictable encounter as tensions run high on ice.

The Canadiens aim to bounce back and showcase their resilience after enduring previous rough games.

Ticket buyers are encouraged to secure their seats early for what promises to be a fast-paced and nail-biting event. Whether loyal to the red-blue-and-white or cheering on the Capitals' stars, attendees will witness world-class hockey action that exemplifies why this sport captivates millions worldwide.


Additional Information

For die-hard fans and casual spectators alike, securing the best seats for a Montreal Canadiens game requires timely insight. Discover essential tips on ticket availability, cost-cutting strategies, and insider knowledge to enhance your experience at the iconic Bell Centre.


When tickets go on sale

Securing your spot at a Montreal Canadiens game requires timely action. Tickets become available through various presales and public onsale dates, giving fans multiple opportunities to get their hands on them.


  • Fans can take advantage of exclusive offers that grant early access to Montreal Canadiens tickets.
  • Evenko offers a presale option, allowing eager buyers to secure their tickets before the general public has a chance.
  • Presales often come with special deals not available during the regular sale period, so it's worth signing up for notifications.
  • Public onsale dates are announced in advance, providing everyone the chance to purchase if they missed out on presales.
  • Keep an eye out for event access announcements through the team's social media channels and official newsletter.
  • Access restrictions may apply; Canadian residents should be aware of certain events having a delay in ticket availability for 24 hours post-onsale.
  • Subscribers to fan clubs and those with certain credit cards sometimes receive exclusive offers or additional early access windows.
  • Ticket availability fluctuates rapidly; purchasing promptly after tickets go live is crucial for popular games against rivaled teams.


Best places to buy

Finding the right place to purchase Montreal Canadiens tickets can enhance your game-day experience. Here are the best options for securing your seats:


  1. Official Ticket Marketplace: As the premier outlet, Ticketmaster stands out as the trusted official ticket seller for Montreal Canadiens games. Season ticket holders prefer this platform due to its reliability and straightforward purchasing process.
  2. This site comes highly recommended for those looking to find some of the most competitive prices on Canadiens tickets. Their reputation for offering good deals on tickets makes them a top choice among fans.
  3. Preferred Ticket Vendors: Many experienced fans consistently turn to certain reputable vendors who have a proven track record of delivering authentic tickets promptly.
  4. Box Office Purchases: If you're after that personal touch or like the idea of buying directly from the venue, the box office is an excellent option for last-minute ticket purchases.
  5. Season Ticket Holders’ Resale: Often season ticket holders might not attend every game and offer their seats for resale, which could be a chance to snag great seats at a reasonable price.
  6. Social Media Groups: Dedicated fan groups on platforms like Facebook sometimes have members selling extra tickets, allowing you to buy directly from other devoted supporters.
  7. StubHub: Known as one of the most popular ticket resellers, StubHub provides a wide array of ticket options with varying price points, catering to all types of budgets and preferences.


Cheap ticket options

After exploring the best places to purchase Montreal Canadiens tickets, fans often seek cost-effective alternatives to attend the games. Cheap ticket options do exist for those willing to enjoy a match without breaking the bank.

Thrifty hockey enthusiasts can find Montreal Canadiens tickets for under $50; in fact, some seats are as low as $10 during less demanded match-ups throughout the season.

Scoring an affordable seat is easier if you're open to buying single seats. These wallet-friendly choices offer a way into the electrifying atmosphere of a live game at a fraction of the cost.

Fans looking for economical ticket alternatives should also consider mid-week games and matchups against lower-profile teams, which typically present discounted seat prices.

It's worth noting that patience can pay off when on the hunt for value-priced admission. Waiting until closer to game day might result in sellers reducing their prices significantly, especially if they haven't been able to sell their tickets yet.

This approach requires flexibility but could secure you a spot inside one of hockey’s most storied arenas while keeping your budget intact.


Similar Ticket Options for Hockey Enthusiasts

If you're chasing the thrill of live hockey but can't snag Canadiens tickets, check out other playoff tickets for a comparable experience. Prices will vary, much like those high-demand Montreal games, so be ready to explore options that fit your budget and excitement level.

Look into group ticket sales if you're planning an event or outing with friends—the camaraderie at a hockey game is unmatched and discounts often apply for bulk purchases.

For die-hard fans who follow the team whether they're on home ice or away, securing game packages could be a savvy move. These bundles might save you money in the long run and ensure you don't miss any action throughout the season.

Whether it’s grabbing family tickets for a special occasion or just picking up single game entries from the resale market, there's always a way to get closer to your favorite sport.

Next up, let's dive into how these various purchasing methods translate to getting your hands on those coveted Canadiens tickets—every fan’s dream come true.



Get your hands on Montreal Canadiens tickets and immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of a live hockey game. Experience every thrilling play, goal, and penalty at the famed Bell Centre.

Join passionate fans cheering for one of NHL's storied franchises. Make lasting memories with friends or family as you witness top-tier hockey action. Secure your spot today and be part of the excitement that is Montreal Canadiens hockey!

If you're also interested in catching the Vancouver Canucks in action, be sure to check out our selection of Vancouver Canucks tickets.



1. Where can I buy Montreal Canadiens tickets?

You can purchase Montreal Canadiens tickets online through the team's official website or reputable ticketing platforms.


2. How far in advance should I buy Canadiens game tickets?

It’s wise to buy your tickets as early as possible since games often sell out quickly due to high demand.


3. Are there discounts available for group ticket purchases for a Canadiens game?

Group discounts are typically offered, making it more affordable when attending with friends or family.


4. Can season ticket holders sell their Montreal Canadiens seats if they cannot attend a game?

Season ticket holders have the option to resell their seats for games they cannot attend using authorized resale platforms associated with the team.


5. Do children need their own ticket to attend a Montreal Canadiens game?

Children of certain ages may enter without a ticket, but it's imperative to check the team's policy beforehand as this varies per venue and event policies.


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