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Toronto Raptors Tickets


Toronto Raptors Tickets

Fans cheering at a Toronto Raptors game in a bustling atmosphere.

Attending a Toronto Raptors game is an electrifying experience, but securing tickets can feel like navigating through a maze for the uninitiated. Whether you're a die-hard basketball fan or just looking to catch an NBA game while in the city, understanding your ticketing options is key.

With my extensive background covering Toronto sports events and particular insight into the vibrant world of professional basketball, I'll guide you through the ticket purchasing process with ease.

The Raptors' thrilling games draw crowds from far and wide, promising an atmosphere filled with excitement and team spirit that's unmatched elsewhere in the league. Real fans know that there's more to it than simply showing up; it's about strategizing your seat selection for the ultimate viewing experience.

Dive deeper into this post and discover everything needed to champion your next visit to Scotiabank Arena. Ready for tip-off? Let’s get started!


Key Takeaways

  • Raptors fans can buy single game tickets for flexibility or join a waitlist for season ticket membership, offering the chance to secure seats and enjoy every home game.
  • There are several ways to purchase tickets including through the official websiteauthorized vendors, or using mobile apps like the Toronto Raptors Mobile App which simplifies group ticket management.
  • Ticket options range from regular seats to luxury suites and courtside experiences; prices vary with average game tickets around $146 and courtside seats at premium rates dependent on demand.
  • Special promotions offer unique opportunities such as early access and discounts for Mastercard holders or fan club members; stay tuned for these limited-time deals.
  • Scotiabank Arena also hosts concerts and other events in addition to basketball games, providing varied entertainment options throughout the year.


How to Purchase Toronto Raptors Tickets

A crowded arena of passionate Raptors fans during a game.

Securing your spot to witness the exhilarating action of a Toronto Raptors game is straightforward, with various channels available for die-hard fans and first-time attendees alike.

Whether you're aiming for a single game experience or contemplating the commitment of season-long thrills, options are plentiful to accommodate every level of fandom and budget.


Single game tickets

For fans looking to catch the excitement of a Toronto Raptors game live, single game tickets are the perfect option. These tickets offer flexibility and variety, available for both pre-season and regular season matchups.

Whether you're planning an evening out with friends or taking your family to experience the thrill of professional basketball, securing your spot at Scotiabank Arena has never been easier.

Purchasing your individual game tickets is straightforward—simply select the game that fits your schedule and budget. Keep an eye out for ticket promotions and exclusive offers that may be available, granting you even better value for a memorable Raptors game day experience.

Remember, demand can be high for popular games against top rivals or during playoff pushes, so act fast to ensure you don't miss out on witnessing jaw-dropping dunks and buzzer-beaters in person.

Ticket availability varies throughout the season; therefore, it's advisable to check regularly as new games go on sale. Enjoy every dribble and free throw from seats that give you a clear view of all the action on court.

Buy your basketball game tickets today and join thousands of cheering fans as you support the Raptors through each exhilarating play!


Season ticket membership waitlist

Joining the season ticket membership waitlist for Toronto Raptors games is an exciting move for any dedicated fan. Picture yourself immersed in the action at every home game, rooting for your favorite players from a seat that feels like it was made just for you.

But there's a bit of strategy involved—you'll want to act quickly when opportunity knocks, as members on this exclusive list get a mere three business days to respond to an offer.

Keep in mind that each member gets only one shot per season within their deposit category to snag those coveted seats. It’s like a unique draft pick—your chance to secure your spot in the arena and join the ranks of the most passionate Raptors supporters.

Don't let hesitation be your downfall; if you decline an offer thrice, expect to find yourself back at square one with a new priority number at the bottom of the list.

Securing your place on the waitlist puts you one step closer to experiencing every electrifying dunk and nail-biting finish throughout the Raptors' season right from Scotiabank Arena.

Your dedication pays off not just in stellar basketball moments but also in becoming part of an enthusiastic community cheering on some of NBA's finest athletes. Make sure your response is swift and certain so that you can transform from hopeful spectator into proud season ticket holder!


Membership central

At Membership Central, Raptors fans can elevate their game experience with exclusive perks and priority access. Premium Members enjoy the privilege of a Ticketing Concierge for seamless sports event planning, ensuring they never miss any preseason or regular season action.

They also tap into significant savings, with potential discounts up to 40% on ticket prices compared to standard rates.

Securing a spot on the waitlist not only opens doors to available ticket inventory but also ensures you're among the first contacted by MLSE when Raptors tickets become available each season.

This membership isn't just about attending games; it's an investment in every unforgettable moment throughout the basketball year—crafted for die-hard supporters ready to witness every jump shot, dunk, and buzzer-beater live from their preferred seats at Scotiabank Arena.


Partial ticket plans

Get ready to cheer on the Toronto Raptors with a personalized touch through partial ticket plans. The 5 game Flex pack offers fans the freedom to design their own experience, picking the matchups and dates that fit their schedule.

You'll enjoy all the thrill of multiple games without committing to an entire season. Dive into custom ticket packages that cater to your passion for basketball, providing a mix of excitement at games of your choosing.

Membership benefits with these plans include substantial savings—imagine keeping up to 40% more cash in your pocket compared to buying single tickets! Plus, you get first dibs on preferred seating so you can feel closer to the action every time.

And don't fret about payments; opting for a flexible payment plan lets you authorize charges at your convenience while still locking down those coveted seats at Scotiabank Arena. Next up: exploring group tickets as another way to join Raptors fandom.


Group tickets

Attending a Toronto Raptors game is more exhilarating with friends, family, or coworkers cheering together. Group tickets cater to this excitement by offering the opportunity to buy multiple tickets in one go.

Fans interested in creating lasting memories at a game should consider purchasing group tickets for an effortless way to organize an event for 10 or more people.

Managing these ensemble tickets is simple and convenient thanks to the official Toronto Raptors Mobile App. A designated Group Manager can distribute all purchased tickets directly from the app, ensuring everyone gets their ticket without hassle.

Plus, handling group sales via the mobile platform means you can bypass traditional printouts and manage your collective outing with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Securing batch tickets comes with certain terms and conditions that help make sure your experience is not only fun but also straightforward. To ensure everything runs smoothly for your large party at the Scotiabank Arena, take advantage of group sales benefits that come with buying pack tickets in advance.

This helps create a seamless entry on game day, letting you focus on rooting for the team instead of ticket logistics.


Available Ticket Options

Diverse fans cheering in a luxury suite during a sports event.

When exploring your ticket choices for an electrifying Toronto Raptors game, you'll discover a diverse selection that matches every fan's preference and budget. From the thrill of courtside action to the luxury of private suites, options abound to enhance your basketball experience at Scotiabank Arena.


Tickets for regular season games

Securing your spot for a Toronto Raptors game couldn't be easier. Regular season tickets offer fans a chance to experience the thrill of basketball live at Scotiabank Arena.


  • Visit the official Toronto Raptors website or authorized ticket vendors to begin your purchase.
  • Review the schedule and decide which regular season games you want to attend.
  • Consider the price range, as average ticket prices for an upcoming game are around $154.
  • Choose your seats; options range from the excitement near courtside to the panoramic views from higher up.
  • Check for special promotions that may offer discounted tickets, enhancing the value of your purchase.
  • Opt for electronic delivery to get your tickets instantly and ensure a smooth entry on game day.
  • For die-hard fans, look into partial ticket plans that allow you to attend several games at a reduced rate compared to single-game purchases.
  • Group tickets can provide a memorable team outing or family experience with favorable pricing per seat.
  • Courtside seats are available if you're looking for an unparalleled game - viewing experience—check availability early as these are in high demand.


Courtside tickets

While regular season game tickets offer a fantastic way to enjoy the Raptors in action, courtside tickets elevate the experience to new heights. These premium seats put you right next to the energy and excitement of NBA basketball.

Watch as the Raptors take on their rivals from just feet away, feeling like part of the team with every dribble and dunk.

Opting for courtside seats also means enjoying exclusive access that most fans only dream about. Imagine sitting so close you can hear players’ conversations or even share a moment with them during timeouts! Prices vary depending on matchups and demand but having these lower-level tickets guarantees one of the best views Scotiabank Arena has to offer.

And remember, if you want VIP treatment at high-demand games or playoffs, be prepared for ticket prices reflecting their unparalleled vantage point – but rest assured, it’s an experience unlike any other in sports spectating.



Experience the Toronto Raptors game in ultimate luxury with a private suite rental at Scotiabank Arena. Imagine watching the action unfold from an exclusive seating area where comfort meets style, perfect for entertaining clients or enjoying a special night out with friends.

Each suite offers plush seatstop-notch catering options, and unbeatable views of the court.

Opting for a hospitality suite provides you with personalized service and amenities that take your Raptors viewing experience to another level. With 97 total suites available on different arena levels, there's a range of choices to fit your group's size and preferences.

Whether you're looking to book one for a single game or secure an executive suite for multiple games throughout the season, these premium spaces offer VIP experiences unrivaled by standard seating.

Corporate suites at Scotiabank Arena are sought after due to their mix of privacy, exclusivity, and convenience. They serve as ideal spots for hosting corporate events where impressing guests matters just as much as enjoying the game itself.

Prices may vary based on location inside the arena and size of your party but remember each luxury box is designed to offer a unique and memorable event every time the Toronto Raptors hit the floor.


Raptors 905

After exploring the luxury of the suites, Raptors 905 invites fans to dive into their own unique basketball experience. This dynamic team offers a range of ticket options that cater to every kind of fan.

You can grab single-game tickets if you're looking for an exciting night out or secure your spot among the dedicated with Season Ticket Memberships. For those who love coming as a group, special group ticket packages are available, ensuring that everyone gets in on the action together.

Opting for Season Ticket Memberships not only guarantees your seat at every game but also enrolls you in a beneficial referral program. If making a long-term commitment isn't your style, flexible payment plans are offered so you can enjoy Raptors 905 games without financial stress.

Fans eager for VIP treatment will find premium seating experiences waiting just for them through Ticket Central. And remember, any questions about tickets can be resolved quickly by reaching out to customer service representatives via email or phone.

A trusted event ticket marketplace like VIP Tickets Canada is where you'll find tickets up for grabs if planning ahead is more your pace. Browse and select from various seating arrangements that suit all preferences and enjoy watching young talent make big plays on the court with friends and family alongside cheering fellow enthusiasts at Raptors 905 events.


Exclusive Ticket Promotions

Basketball fans looking for unique ways to support the Raptors and save should check out exclusive ticket promotions. These deals are specially crafted for dedicated supporters, giving them early access to tickets before the general public.

With special offers like these, you can snag your spot in the arena without waiting in longer lines. Plus, if you're a Mastercard holder, get ready to enjoy some VIP treatment! Your card opens doors to reserved seating areas that aren't available to everyone else.

Seasoned members of the basketball community often receive privileged opportunities thanks to their commitment. Whether you're part of a local team or an official member of the Raptors fan club, keep an eye out for reduced pricing on select game tickets.

These promotions are all about bringing passionate fans closer to the action with discounted rates and potentially even meet-and-greet experiences with players – making every game unforgettable.

Don’t miss these chances; stay updated with team communications so when a unique promotion drops, you'll be first in line!


Ticket Prices and Seating Options

Understanding ticket prices and seating options is crucial for fans looking to experience a Toronto Raptors game live at the Scotiabank Arena. Whether you're aiming for an affordable seat with a panoramic view of the court or splurging on courtside action, there’s a range of choices to fit every desire and budget.


Average ticket prices

As you consider attending a Toronto Raptors game, understanding ticket costs is crucial. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the average ticket prices fans can expect:


Season Average Price Range Starting Ticket Price Typical Courtside Seat Price
2006/07 - 2015/16 $45.31 - $55.11 $40 (approx.) Varies based on demand
Current Season Around $206.54 $40 (approx.) Varies based on demand
Upcoming Game Around $154 $40 (approx.) Varies based on demand
Average Game $146 $40 (approx.) Varies based on demand


Ticket prices fluctuate depending on the opponent and game day. Choose your experience from a casual outing to a premium courtside thrill. Always check current pricing for the most accurate information.


Courtside seat prices

The allure of courtside seats at a Toronto Raptors game is undeniable; they offer the ultimate fan experience with up-close action and the possibility of rubbing shoulders with celebrities. Reflecting their prestigious nature, these seats come with a hefty price tag. Below is a breakdown of the various courtside seating options and their respective prices. Please note these prices can fluctuate based on the game's popularity, day of the week, and opponent.


Courtside Seat Location Price Range
Standard Courtside $3,000 - $7,000+
Weekend Games Courtside $788 - $2,630+
Courtside Near Raptors Bench $1,000 - $10,000+
High-Demand Game Courtside Up to $60,000 (resale)


Prices reflect the market's demand for an immersive and exclusive basketball experience. Courtside seats represent more than just a viewing spot; they're a symbol of status and an investment in unforgettable memories. While they are a premium commodity, the experience they provide is unparalleled in the realm of sports entertainment.


Other Upcoming Events at Scotiabank Arena

Beyond the thrilling basketball matchups, Scotiabank Arena serves as a vibrant hub for diverse events that cater to all tastes. From high-octane performances by chart-topping artists to family-friendly shows, the venue offers an eclectic array of experiences sure to enrich Toronto's cultural landscape.


Upcoming games against top teams

Get ready for some high-energy matchups as the Toronto Raptors face off against the Indiana Pacers in an upcoming basketball game. These games are a fantastic chance to witness top-tier competition and see how the Raptors measure up against formidable opponents.

Fans can anticipate a thrilling display of skill, teamwork, and athleticism during these intense battles.

In addition to basketball excitement, hockey fans should mark their calendars for when the Toronto Maple Leafs go head-to-head with the St. Louis Blues at Scotiabank Arena. The atmosphere is sure to be electric as two of the NHL's most passionate fanbases cheer on their teams.

Plus, looking ahead, professional sports enthusiasts won't want to miss out on the 2024 NHL All-Star Game – it promises to bring together hockey's biggest stars for an unforgettable showcase right here in Toronto.


Concerts and shows

Scotiabank Arena lights up not just with basketball games but also with some of the most exciting concerts and shows in Toronto. Music fans flock here to witness live performances from top-charting artists and bands.

Imagine standing amid a cheering crowd, as the stage comes alive with your favorite musical act, an experience that stays etched in memory long after the last note fades.

Touring artists bring their unique sounds to this iconic venue, making it a hub for entertainment shows ranging from pop concerts to spectacular celebrity appearances. The arena has been graced by stellar performers like Enrique Iglesias and Travis Scott, whose shows often begin at 7:30 PM sharp.

Fans can indulge in an evening of rhythm and melodies while surrounded by the state-of-the-art facilities that Scotiabank Arena offers.

As you've considered tickets for a Raptors game, keep an eye out too for upcoming events that could offer an equally thrilling night out—whether it's courtside action or the electric atmosphere of a live concert.

Next on our list is how to optimize your experience through exclusive ticket promotions.



Secure your spot in the electrifying atmosphere of Scotiabank Arena and witness the Toronto Raptors' high-flying basketball action. Experience every dunk, block, and three-pointer up close with a variety of ticket options to fit your preferences and budget.

Embrace the thrill of live NBA games; rally behind our beloved Raptors as they chase victory on their home court. Don't miss out – grab your Toronto Raptors tickets now and join fellow fans for an unforgettable sports spectacle!



1. Where can I buy Toronto Raptors tickets?

You can purchase Toronto Raptors tickets online through the official NBA website or authorized ticket vendors.


2. How early should I buy Raptors tickets before a game?

It's best to secure your tickets as soon as they go on sale, which is typically a few weeks to months in advance of the game date.


3. Are there discounts available for bulk ticket purchases for Raptors games?

Group discount offers are often provided for purchasing multiple tickets; check with the ticketing service or team's sales office for specifics.


4. Can I get a refund if a Raptors game is canceled or rescheduled?

Ticket policies usually cover refunds or exchanges in the event of cancellation, but verify terms during purchase for reassurance.


5. Is it safe to buy Raptors tickets from third-party resellers?

Purchase from reputable and officially sanctioned resale sites to ensure validity and avoid potential scams with third-party sellers.


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