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Over the years, the Miami Dolphins have attained several nicknames like The No-Name Defense, The Killer Bees Defense, Phins, and Fins! With strong fanbase support, the Miami Dolphins Tickets will undoubtedly be in high demand this season! Make sure you visit VIP Tickets Canada and book the Miami Dolphins Tickets today to witness one of the city's biggest events!


After losing the first appearance in the Super Bowl VI to the Dallas Cowboys with an upsetting stat at 24-3, the Dolphins went on to surprise the world the following year with a perfect season! The team won the Super Bowl as well as all the fourteen season games. The Dolphins successfully won the three playoffs and marked themselves as the third NFL team to achieve a perfect season!


The 2019 NFL season placed the Miami Dolphins in the last place in the AFC East with a record of 5 wins to 11 losses. From 1966 to 2020, the Dolphins made 55 season appearances with an overall record stats with 457 wins to 371 losses. The Dolphins made five appearances in the Super Bowl with two consecutive wins in 1972 and 1973. Catch the dolphins this season as they swim their way across the field with remarkable skills and talents by getting the Miami Dolphins Tickets at VIP Tickets Canada for a mind-blowing experience!

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